Sunday, January 25, 2009

Energy Efficient Homes

One thing we can all do that will help the environment, and our own bank accounts, is to make sure your house is as energy efficient as possible. My wife and I live in a 1950's rambler in Northern Virginia. And as older houses settle and out of sight means out of mind, there are lots of places where heat (and AC in the summer) is flowing right out of the house.

So I started thinking about windows, doors, attic insulation, sealing/filing cracks, etc..and found a great resource at the government's Energy Star program website

More specifically, there are PDF documents you can download and print that will walk you through your own mini energy audit that you can do yourself, or they point you to local Energy Consultants. For me, I used the PDF documents to seal my drafty doors/windows, and add insulation to my attic myself. So far, I am adding about 2 degrees to the indoor temperature of our master and guest bedrooms, which you can definately feel when waking up each day.

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