Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green Tech

Working in the Internet technology sector, I wanted to highlight a couple of companies that are putting their best foot forward for Green tech. Of course, Google is putting alot of effort, money and resources behind coming up with green technologies including helping the make the "smart grid" a reality. By creating an "energy Internet" all of your appliances and electronics can talk to the network and the electric utility, and turn on and off depending on energy consumption and pricing factors.

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AOL is also doing its part as well. AOL is a finalist for the Uptime Institute's 2009 Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards for Data Center Energy Efficiency Improvement. The 2009 GEIT Awards program honors organizations that have distinguished themselves by reducing energy consumption in their data centers and beyond. GEIT Award finalists have gone beyond instituting established industry best practices to implement cutting-edge green IT systems. The Institute introduced the GEIT Awards program in 2008 to create institutional awareness that IT energy efficiency can enhance bottom-line profitability while meaningfully reducing overall corporate carbon footprint.

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