Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Good Day to Help Mother Earth

Thanks to my crew today for helping dive into the muck and mud to pull out 25 bags of trash and recyclables, 4 tires and an industrial sized propane tank. All in all it was a good day since the rain held off, but there was alot of mud and alot more trash and junk than I had imagined! It definately felt good to know that what we pulled out will not deteriorate in the stream and marsh, and will be disposed of properly. Well worth the sacrafice of 3 hours on a Sunday AM. There is actually another section of the marshy area still left that we did not get a chance to hit because of alot of poison ivy, so I think we will be back in the fall.

Thanks again to Ainslie (my wife), Dave, Mike and Mike for pitching in!

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